Poker chip cases

We carry a wide variety of poker chips cases. Our poker chip cases come in sizes ranging from 100 - 1,000 chip capacity and materials such as aluminum, ABS & wood. They go well together with your custom poker chips and are an essential part of casino accessories.  If you are looking for custom poker chip cases then you'll find that most cases give you that option as well.


Aluminum poker chip case - 200 chip capacity

Regular price $11.99

Aluminum poker chip case - 300 chip capacity

Regular price $12.99

Aluminum poker chip case - 500 chip capacity

Regular price $17.99
aluminum 750 chip capacity poker chips case

Aluminum poker chip case - 750 chip capacity

Regular price $24.99
aluminum poker chips case for 1000 chips

Aluminum poker chip case - 1,000 chip capacity

Regular price $29.99